The name's Santina and I'm an Italian princess from the city streets of Brooklyn. I work as a Cosmetician and major in Speech Pathology and Earth Science Education. My hobbies and interests include: horror, punk rock music, tattoos, shoes and getting my nails done. I also happen to be happily taken.
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Lucille Ball wearing her 40 carat aquamarine engagement ring, a cushion-cut diamond on a thin gold band.

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Now don’t close your eyes and don’t try to hide!

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DECADES OF HORROR - “changing the game; the 1940’s part II”

Cat People | 1942
I Walked with a Zombie | 1943
The Leopard Man | 1943
The Ghost Ship | 1943
The Seventh Victim | 1943
The Uninvited | 1944
Dead of Night | 1945
Isle of the Dead | 1945
The Body Snatcher | 1945
Bedlam | 1946, via slashfilms.

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